Baby Baby Baby (Make the girl dance) for dummies - Translation-

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Make The Girl Dance - Baby Baby Baby ( official video )

** Hope this could help, my english is not perfect but I tried to be clear with my understanding of this clip **

Baby baby baby

Je veux des plans sur la commode

-- I want to have fuck on the dresser (the furniture)
*** also inspired by a french expression"Tirer des plans sur la comète" meaning "Imagine things in the future but they never will happen" / "Tirer" means also "fuck" in slang language

Je veux Tellier sur mon iPod
-- I want Tellier on my iPod ( french musician )
*** Said "e-pod", to accentuate the french touch (because everybody in France says I-pod with an english pronunciation and not 'e'pod)

Je veux l’amex black de ta mère
-- I want your mother's black amex
*** Amex: American Express Credit Card. Black because $$$...see )

Je veux la voiture de ton père
-- I want your father's car
*** the father's cars is better than yours

Je veux sortir avec tes potes
-- I want to go out with your friends

Je mettrai ma plus belle culotte
-- I will wear my custest panties

Je veux une session un peu hot
-- I want a little bit hot session

Je veux bien que tu regardes mais pas que tu pelotes
-- You may see, but don't touch

Baby baby baby

Je veux être dans le top de justice
-- I want to be in the top list of Justice (Top 32 friends of Justice in my space

La main de Gaspard sur ma cuisse

--The hand of Gaspard on my thigh 
Je veux compter même sans les doigts
-- I want count even without the fingers
*** stupid girls needs finger to count) "Je veux compter" means also "be a person about who other cares"

Je veux les tiens au bon endroit
-- I want yours in the right place
*** no "s" after "endroit", there's juste one right place, you have to find it)

Je veux pas prendre les escaliers
-- I don't want to use stairs (star's caprice #1)

Tiens c’est parfait tu vas me porter
-- well, perfect you'll carry me (star's caprice #2) 

Je veux que moi sur les photos
-- I only want myself on the pictures (star's caprice #3)
 Et je veux poser pour St-Lau
-- And I want to pose for Saint Lau
*** to be a model and shooted for Yves Saint-Laurent label => She's not a star yet and she'll probably have to wait... and now still use stairs and be with the others on the pictures...

Je veux des enfants surdoués
-- I want gifted children
*** but she doesn't say whith who ?

Et je veux que mon chien soit diplômé
-- and I want my dog be graduate

Je veux ta tête sur un plateau
-- I want your head in a dish / I want your head on a TV Show  
*** 2 meannings, I think "in a dish" is correct:
   - Myth of Salome, the dance for which stepfather give her want she wants
   Don't forget:
     - Band is called "Make the girl dance"
     - She wants to drive the stepfather's car

Je veux la mienne chez Denisot
-- I want mine on Denisot TV Show
*** It's a daily talk show in France named -Le grand journal- (She wants to be in a TV Show, not you) 

Baby baby baby

Je veux pas de cake je veux de la coke
-- I don't want cake, I want cocaine
*** Not "space cake", but something harder...

Je veux pas de Kate je veux Ethan Hawk
-- I dont't want Kate, I want Ethan Hawk

Je veux sauter d’une grand échelle
-- I want to jump from a big ladder

Toi tu te démerdes pour l’arc en ciel
-- You deal with the rainbow

Je veux des glaces choco vanille
-- I want choco-vanilla ice cream

Je veux tes boules a la myrtille
-- I want your balls with blueberry flavor

Je veux danser comme Vanessa
-- I want to dance like Vanessa
*** Vanessa Paradis . Paradis translation is "Heaven"

Je veux voir son mec a Ibiza
-- I want to see her boyfriend at Ibiza
*** Vanessa's boyfriend is Johnny Depp, Ibiza is a hot european non-stop party place

Je veux dormir quand tu te réveilles
-- I want to sleep when you wake up

Et je veux le même t-shirt que Yelle
--And I want the same t-shirt as Yelle
*** French girl singer, his first TV was -Le grand journal-, discovered with myspace)

Je veux rentrer dans tout mes jeans
-- I want to fit in all my jeans

Et je veux que tu me rinces avec ta prime
-- and I will enjoy with your bonus
Je veux des glaçons dans mon verre
- I want ice cubes in my glass

Faire une soufflette a ta grand-mère
-- Have a smoke with your grandmother ( "Souflette" is when you blow the smoke to another open mouth )

J’ai vu ton ex tu sais la sotte
-- I saw your ex girlfriend you know the silly one

Dis lui que j’ai retrouvé ses bottes

-- Tell her I found her boots

Je veux pas de noyau dans ma cerise
-- I don't want seed in my cherry

Je veux que tu redresses la tour de Pise
-- I want you to fix the Pisa tower
Je veux jouir dans une 2 chevaux
-- I want to have an orgasm in a 2CV
  ** Old Citroen car or

Et je vais le faire derrière ton dos
-- And I will do it behind your back
*** 2 meanings:
   - I will do it without you and you never will hear about
   - I will do it with you, but probably me with a dildo belt, behind your back...


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